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  • BioCube® Algae Cleaning Magnet and Pad

    Our Coralife BioCube® Algae Cleaning Magnet and Pad are specially designed for use with curved glass aquariums. The weighted scrubber cleans thoroughly and makes retrieval simple.

  • BioCube® Aquarium

    The Coralife BioCube® has a sleek modern rounded edge design and is the perfect innovative all-inclusive aquarium for all needs.

  • BioCube® Aquarium Stand

    Showcase your prized aquatic habitat on this sleek modern pedestal stand designed to complement Coralife BioCube® aquariums.

  • BioCube® Circulation Pump

    Coralife Biocube® Circulation Pumps are designed to simulate natural river and reef currents.

  • BioCube® Filter Cartridges

    Coralife BioCube® Filter Cartridges clear detritus and debris while removing odor, organics and discoloration.

  • BioCube® Marine Salt

    Coralife BioCube® Marine Salt is a special formulation that helps simplify the process of recreating the natural environment in any BioCube or Saltwater Nano Reef aquarium.

  • BioCube® Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer

    The Coralife BioCube® Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer's low voltage ballast aids in eliminating harmful parasites, bacteria and free-floating algae from aquarium water.

  • BioCube® Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer Lamp

    The Coralife BioCube® Mini Ultraviolet Sterilizer Lamp is a replacement bulb for BioCube® Mini UV Sterilizer.

  • BioCube® Protein Skimmer

    The Coralife BioCube® Protein Skimmer effectively removes dissolved organics from saltwater for BioCubes and standard aquariums.

  • BioCube® Replacement Canopy

    The Coralife BioCube® Replacement Canopy provides an upgrade to convert fluorescent Coralife BioCube aquariums into LED

  • Coral Vite Liquid

    Coralife Coral Vite provides exotic trace minerals and complex nutrients for health, vigor and to stimulate growth in corals, anemones, gorgonian, and desirable marine algae

  • Coralife Aqua Gloves

    Coralife Aqua Gloves are durable full-arm length gloves that keep arms and hands completely dry while handling handling anemones, live rock, coral, or lobsters.

  • DC-Controlled Protein Skimmer

    Coralife DC Controlled Mini Protein Skimmer removes dissolved organic compounds from aquarium water

  • Deep Six Hydrometer

    Use the Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer to precisely monitor your salt mix and aquarium salinity levels.

  • Digital Power Center

    Replace the tangle of wires and timers behind the aquarium with a single, safe Coralife Digital Power Center featuring built-in timer control.

  • Digital Thermometer

    The Coralife Digital Thermometer features an easy to read digital display with temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius

  • Filter Bio-Balls

    Coralife Bio-Balls are a good choice to promote the growth of beneficial nitrifying bacteria within the aquarium filter or refugium.

  • Garlic Xtreme

    Coralife Garlic Xtreme provides nutritional garlic to all types of ornamental aquarium fish even the finicky eaters.

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  • Dottyback (Basslets) Care Guide

    The Strawberry, Bicolor and Diadema Dottybacks are hardy, colorful and affordable, making them great choices for saltwater aquarists of all experience levels.

  • Firefish Care Guide

    Firefish are peaceful fish that grow to 3” in length and can be shy at first, but once they adjust to their new surroundings, they stay out in the open.

  • Flame Hawkfish Care Guide

    Flame Hawkfish have brilliant color, hardiness, longevity and plenty of personality making it a perfect fish for aquariums of 30 gallons or larger.

  • Ocellaris Clownfish Care Guide

    Also known as the Common Clown, this fish has all the attributes of a perfect aquarium fish. They are colorful, peaceful and have a lot of personality.

  • Pajama Cardinal Fish Care Guide

    Pajama Cardinals are colorful, peaceful and affordable, making them perfect for beginners and advanced saltwater aquarists.

  • Regal Tang Care Guide

    Regal Tangs occur in groups in nature and are generally peaceful fish, but in an aquarium, they can be territorial towards other fish so it's best to keep them individually.

  • Royal Gramma Care Guide

    Royal Gramma bright colors, hardiness and outgoing personality make it a perfect beginner fish. They get along well with other fish but will defend their territory from members of their own species.

  • Sixline Wrasse Care Guide

    Sixline Wrasses are active during the day, swimming in and out of caves and grottos created with live rock and sleeping in a mucus cocoon at night to avoid detection by predators.

  • Yellow Watchman Goby Care Guide

    Yellow Watchman Goby are colorful bottom-dwelling fish that are hardy. The substrate should be sand or fine gravel, and deep enough to allow them to burrow.

  • Yellowtail Blue Damsel Care Guide

    Yellowtail Blue Damsels are perfect starter fish for saltwater aquariums. They are hardy, colorful, inexpensive, and relatively peaceful, although they may be territorial towards their own kind.