DC-Controlled Protein Skimmer


Coralife® DC-Controlled Protein Skimmers are highly effective at removing dissolved organic compounds from aquarium water and make an effective addition to your saltwater or reef aquarium filtration system. The NEW square-shaped design maintains the tapered reaction chamber but upgrades them with a larger neck to reduce buildup. New features in water and air flow adjustment allow a simple yet precise level of control.


Item Dimensions: 9.450" x 9.450" x 25.790"
Item Number: 100550677
Item UPC: 096316002845

UPC#: 096316002845

Product Highlights

  • Collection Cup can be easily removed and emptied for faster cleaning.
  • Variable speed pump for total water control.
  • Offers mechanical flow control but also feature DC controlled pumps which provide low voltage operation and precise electronic flow control - all done with an inline remote control.
  • Titanium mesh replaces plastic needle wheel which breaks up bubbles into even smaller sizes which increases bubble surface area and skimming efficiency.
  • Small footprint to fit sumps easily.
DC-Controlled Square Protein Skimmer