Seascape SMART LED Light Fixture

Create an environment for you and your fish to enjoy! This slim, low-profile light is fully customizable with the free Aqueon BlueIQ™ App by connecting using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You will have full control of the white, blue and color LEDs separately and light intensity can adjust in 1% increments with a simple slider bar, making it quick and easy to match any mood. Use the optimal, 24-hour default schedule which includes sunrise, day, sunset and night or create your own schedule using provided or customized presets so you can enjoy at any particular day or time. Add weather effects to your environment including cloud coverage and lightning. Cloud mode dims and brightens as if clouds are moving past slowly or moving quickly on a windy day depending what intensity you prefer. Lightning mode randomly dims all the lighting and then flashes white to give the impression of a lightning storm. The intensity you choose will affect the number of random flashes that take place. The blue illumination on top of the fixture is added for an elevated ambiance and can be turned off or on depending on your preference.

Not only will you be able to control your LED light with Aqueon BlueIQ™, but you will also be able to monitor all of your aquariums, schedule maintenance and feeding reminders, get quick tips and suggestions and receive exclusive offers and information!

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Item Dimensions: 5.875" x 3.75" x 20.74"
Item Number: 100550370
Item UPC: 096316002777

UPC#: 096316002777

Product Highlights

  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible
  • Dims in 1% increments for white, blue and color LEDs separately for complete color customization
  • Extra LEDs compared to previous fixtures for increased light output
  • Programmable 24/7 scheduling
  • Mimic natural environments including Storm and Cloud preset options
  • Full spectrum lighting for freshwater and saltwater fish, medium light level plants and low light corals
Seascape SMART LED Light Fixture