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  • My Biocube (16/32) LEDs are not coming on. What should I do?

    Make sure the power supply is plugged in and push a paperclip into the tiny reset hole in the middle of the control panel on top. If successful, the screen should go to all zeros, and it can then be reprogrammed.

  • The LEDs on my Biocube (16/32) are not turning off when I programmed them to turn off.

    Only the LC1 (daylight) program will turn off right at the programmed “off” time. LC2 (sunrise/sunset) starts ramping down for a half hour after the set “off” time. LC3 (moonlight) starts ramping down for one hour after the programmed “off” time.

  • My Biocube pump is spitting out a lot of air bubbles.

    Check the water level in the pump chamber. It is most likely too low, and you will need to add more water to the system.

  • Why is water leaking out from between the glass and top plastic trim on my Biocube aquarium?

    Check the water level in the aquarium. It is most likely running high and touching the underside of the inner tank trim ledge somewhere, allowing the water to “wick” up under the plastic trim and over the top edge of the glass wherever it can find a path. Check the overflow slots on the right side of the tank and the filter media in the middle chamber. They are most likely clogged up. Clean off the overflow slots and make sure the filter media is not clogged or packed in too tight. This should allow the water to run a bit lower in the aquarium and not hit the underside of the inner trim ledge.

  • There is a loud buzzing sound coming from the hood of my BioCube 14/16. What should I do?

    The fan in the hood will need to be replaced. Call our customer support number at 888-255-4527, or email us through the Contact Us page for assistance.

  • Can BioCube aquariums be used for Freshwater?

    Yes, they can be used for Freshwater, but take care that some really small fish may be able to swim through the overflow slots. Also, watch the number of hours you have the lights on for. If left on for too long, it can promote a lot of algae growth.

  • Why are there micro bubbles coming out of the inlet slots on my BioCube when using the BioCube Protein Skimmer?

    Answer: Make sure the skimmer is pushed as far back as possible in the right hand chamber of the BioCube.

    Answer: The water can have a lot of dissolved organics/proteins/oils causing elevated surface tension in the water. Once the skimmer has a chance to remove enough of these so that the surface tension drops, the bubbles should subside.

    Answer: If this is a brand-new setup, large water change was done, medications used, or any water conditioners with slime coat protectant are used, it can cause the skimmer to go crazy. These situations cause really high surface tension in the water and will cause the skimmer to overreact. Once the skimmer has a chance to pull out whatever is causing high surface tension, it will settle down.

  • Will the BioCube Protein Skimmer V2 fit in my Biocube 14 tank?

    Unfortunately, it will not fit. It will only fit in the Biocube 16, 29 and 32.

  • How do I mount the BioCube Protein Skimmer V2 in my BioCube 16? It is too tall for the back inlet chamber.

    To use this in the BioCube 16, you must first remove the false floor from the right-side inlet chamber. The pump goes to the front left corner of the chamber and the skimmer body to the rear right corner. It does not clip onto the chamber wall, rather it is held in place by being a snug fit in the chamber.


  • The remote for my Seascape light is on, but it doesn’t do anything to the light. What should I do?

    Perform a resync on the remote and light. Unplug the light for a few seconds and plug it back in. The light should turn on. Press the top red power button twice (pausing briefly on the button each time). The light should shut off. If it does, it has synced up. If it does not, try pressing the button again.

  • I pressed the lower buttons on my Seascape light remote and now the light won’t turn off with the timer.

    The system has been kicked out of the timer mode and into manual. To get it to go back into the timer mode, you will need to turn the light off with the top red power button. When the next “on” setting rolls around, the light system will kick back into the timer mode and follow the program, unless someone presses the buttons on the remote again.

  • Nothing is showing up on my Seascape light remote. How can I fix it?

    First check the batteries in case they came loose or died. Make sure new batteries are inserted in the correct orientation.


  • Why is my Deep Six hydrometer not reading properly compared to a proven hydrometer or refractometer?

    Check the pointer carefully for any small bubbles. If there are bubbles on it, tap it against the side of the tank or mixing container to jar any loose. Generally, if it reads high, then there may by bubbles towards the tip of the pointer. If it reads low, then look for bubbles on the back end of the pointer.


  • Where can I get parts for my Coralife products?

    Some parts are available through retail suppliers online, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, try calling our Customer Care number (888-255-4527) or email us through the Contact Us page, to see if we happen have that part in the office.

Turbo Twist UV:

  • Can the Coralife Turbo Twist UV be used with Freshwater?

    Yes, it can.

  • Can the Coralife Turbo Twist be mounted in any orientation?

    Yes, it can, but best orientation is vertical with the inlet towards the bottom, exit towards the top and the cord coming off the top.

Digital Power Center:

  • Why aren’t the yellow outlets working after I programmed it?

    Once programmed, make sure to switch the “mode” to auto. The outlets will be reversed at first and the timer will need to cycle around to the next “on” setting before it kicks in and the yellow outlets work as programmed.

  • Why don’t the different outlets work the way I have them programmed?

    The 1 through 7 time slots do not correspond to individual outlets. The program system only tells the yellow outlets (both are wired and turn on and off together) when to turn on and off. The blue outlets are not directly programmed. They are just an exact opposite of the yellow. When the yellow outlets turn off, the blues automatically turn on.

    Make sure that if you are using more than one program slot so that none of them overlap each other.

    If doing a basic on/off program, all that is programmed is timeslot #1. All the rest should just have dashes in them.