BioCube® Protein Skimmer

Bio Cube®

Elevate the health of your BioCube® aquarium with the BioCube® Protein Skimmer! This essential filtration device efficiently removes organic waste, proteins, and dissolved compounds, aiding in crystal-clear water and a thriving aquatic environment. Our skimmer includes adjustable hanging clips for easy placement, an integrated air pump, adjustable air flow valve to control the velocity of skimming and easy to access removable collection cup for routine maintenance. It also features a self-priming pump making setup simple. Designed for compatibility with our BioCube® aquariums and any aquarium 32 gallons or below, this skimmer is a user-friendly solution for maintaining optimal water quality.


Item Dimensions: 4.921" x 2.362" x 11.221"
Item Number: 100538604
Item UPC: 096316000803

UPC#: 096316000803

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Product Highlights

  • Effectively removes dissolved organics from saltwater
  • For BioCubes and standard aquariums up to 32 gallons in size
  • Features a self-priming pump making setup simple
BioCube Protein Skimmer