Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer


Coralife® Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer is designed for reef and saltwater aquariums. Each unit is equipped with an adjustable air flow dial that controls the volume of microbubbles created. The debris collection cup can be removed and quickly emptied. Additionally, the motor has a needle wheel impeller that optimizes skimming. Also included is a replaceable large carbon cartridge and phosphate removing specialty media pad.


Item Dimensions: 8.582" x 5.74" x 7.795"
Item Number: 100527232
Item UPC: 096316000278

UPC#: 096316000278

Product Highlights

  • Motor equipped with needle wheel impeller optimizes skimming
  • Multiple filtration layers for diminished microbubble entry into aquarium
  • Reduced maintenance with optimally designed skimming collection cup
  • Skimming not affected by water level fluctuations Adjustable air flow controls volume of microbubbles
  • Designed for marine and reef aquatic environments
Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer