Protein Skimmers

Coralife protein skimmers are highly effective at
removing dissolved organic compounds from
aquarium water and make an effective addition
to your saltwater or reef aquarium filtration system.

Available for aquariums ranging in size from 65 gallons to 220 gallons.

Product Series

The advanced cone-shaped design concentrates the foam as it rises, resulting in more efficient skimming. The surface-to-surface interaction between water and air bubbles is maximized lower in the column where the micro-bubbles attach to the organic proteins in your aquarium water. As the bubbles rise, the cone shape naturally concentrates the foam at the top to reduce the amount of water between micro-bubbles. This produces a drier and more productive foam as it reaches the collection cup.

  • Advanced design allows for unrestricted foam flow towards collection cup
  • Powerful, yet quiet internal pump reduces footprint
  • Large neck for efficient foam production and control
  • Patented Needle Wheel aspiration system uses Posi-Flow pump

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Protein skimmers have become a standard component in saltwater and reef aquarium filtration systems as they are very effective at removing dissolved organic compounds from aquarium water.

The Coralife Super Skimmer is a high-performance foam fractionator designed with a patented needle-wheel impeller and aspirating venturi. An improved energy saving pump increases the performance of the skimmer without increasing power demand.

The needle-wheel system creates a spiraling vortex of water and micro bubbles inside the reaction chamber where the bubbles attract fine proteins and organic compounds and deposit them in the collection cup. The result is a clean and healthy aquarium environment.

  • Patented needle wheel aspiration system
  • Wide neck collection cup with easy twist feature for effortless cleaning
  • Dual injection inlets increase bubble / water contact time
  • Bubble production diffuser to prevent the flow of micro-bubbles into main aquarium
  • Can be used in sump or with hang on mounting bracket
  • Available for aquariums ranging from 65 gallons to 220 gallons

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