Scientific Grade Marine Salt Mix is specifically formulated to replicate natural seawater chemistry.

Fast dissolving formula incorporates the finest ingredients for crystal clear water. An excellent choice for saltwater and reef aquariums. Deep Six hydrometer is an accurate meter for monitoring your salt mix and aquarium salt levels.

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Coralife Scientific Grade Marine Salt replicates seawater chemistry in all its complexity.  Micro-processing ensures that every bag or bucket contains a uniform blend of the major, minor and trace elements required for a successful marine aquarium.

A premium fast dissolving formulation contains specially selected ingredients that provide the proper pH and optimal levels of calcium and magnesium.  Only the purest ingredients are chosen for their exceptional solubility and consistency.  Nitrate and Phosphate free!

Enjoy the natural beauty and spectacular hues of a marine aquarium with crystal-clear water that Coralife Marine Salt produces. Offered in 50 gallon and 200 gallon mix sizes.

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  • Marine Salt Family

The re-designed deep six hydrometer with improved calibration and bubble diffuser ensures more accurate readings of your aquarium salt levels. Also includes a built in base so you can rest the hydrometer on a counter top or other flat surface when taking salt readings.

  • Specific Gravity and Salinity PPT Scales
  • Optimal Specific Gravity / Salinity range indicator on scale
  • Bubble diffuser on water intake prevents micro-bubbles from forming on needle

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  • Deep Six Hydrometer