LED Aqualight

Intense performance lighting

The LED Aqualight features innovative LED Tri-Lamps, Directional Lunar Blue LEDs, a 3 Power Cord system and cooling fans all in a sleek design. The interchangeable LED Tri-Lamps give each user the ability to increase light intensity and create customized light color combinations to sustain any thriving freshwater, reef or saltwater environment.

Available in 24", 30", 36" and 48" lengths.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting


Directional Lunar Blue LEDs

Lunar LEDs can be adjusted to provide moon glow accent lighting throughout the aquarium.


Intense Performance Lighting

Helps to sustain and grow live freshwater plants, large polyped and some small polyped stony corals.

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LED Tri-Lamps

Each LED Aqualight comes preloaded with a combination of easily removable, replaceable and interchangeable 3W LED Tri-Lamps that provide optimal light output similar to a 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. In addition, each fixture also has open slots so you can simply add more Tri-Lamps to increase light output and customize light color combinations for any aquarium.

The LED Tri-Lamps are available in five color choices.



10,000K Daylight lamps cast sparkling white bright light to simulate the midday tropical sun. They are an excellent choice for fresh or saltwater tropical aquariums. This 3 watt Tri-Lamp contains 3 cool white LEDs.


A combination of brilliant 10,000K Daylight and Actinic Bluelight accentuates the fluoreascent attributes of fish and corals. This 3 watt Tri-Lamp contains 2 cool white and 1 blue LED.



Actinic lamps emulate the softer shade of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water. Promotes photosynthesis in corals and live plants while enhancing the natural beauty and vibrant color of aquatic inhabitants. This 3 watt Tri-Lamp contains 3 blue, 450nm LEDs.



Trichromatic casts a soft blend of red, blue, and white color that promotes photosynthesis in corals and plants. This 3 watt Tri-Lamp contains red, blue and cool white LED.


Colormax lamps cast a warm glow to enhance the natural beauty of tropical fish and live plants. This 3 Watt Tri-Lamp contains 2 cool white and 1 red LED.

Suggested LED Tri-Lamp Combinations

  • For freshwater and live plant aquariums: 10,000K, Colormax, Trichromatic
  • For saltwater or reef aquariums: 10,000K, 60/40, Actinic Bluelight, Colormax
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PAR Graphs

The graphs below are a measurement of visible light output from 400-700nm, measured at 12" from the center of the fixture. Each graph compares the LED Aqualight to the T5 HO Lunar Aqualight.

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